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The Franciscan Institute, located on the St. Bonaventure University campus, engages in three principal areas of scholarly concern: research, publications and academic conferences, workshops and seminars on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition.

Franciscan Institute Research

作为方济各会知识传统的国际研究中心而成立, with the highest standards of scholarly production, 方济会学院的存在是为了满足方济会家庭和更广泛的社区的学术和教育需求.

It is a center for promoting the study of Franciscan sources, history and theology, 重点是对方济会运动的起源和早期发展进行批判性研究.

For the first decades of its existence, 研究所的研究团队致力于准备奥克汉姆的威廉和沃德汉姆的亚当的作品的评论版本. More recently, 它已经将注意力转向完成约翰·邓斯·斯各脱斯的哲学著作,这是一个与美国天主教大学的学者合作的项目. 

It continues research projects on Peter of John Olivi, the works of St. Bonaventure, and Alexander of Hales. Learn more at Franciscan Research.

  • Franciscan Institute Publications

    Franciscan Institute Publications logo多年来以批判中世纪方济各会哲学家和神学家的著作而闻名, Franciscan Institute Publications 最近是否努力向更广泛的读者提供关于历史的最好的现代学术研究, spirituality and intellectual tradition of the Franciscan movement.

    新近复兴的《全球网赌十大网站》就是一个很好的例子. FIP目录的最新在线版本显示了大量的专著, 翻译和几个新的学术系列,试图连接中世纪和当代世界.

    Franciscan Studies: An annual academic journal

    Frnciscan Studies cover 2023《全球网赌十大网站》是一本同行评议的学术期刊,由圣方济会学院出版. Bonaventure University. 它涉及方济各会的事务:历史、哲学、神学和文化.

    Articles in the latest edition: Volume 81, 2023:

    • Retrieving Contuition in Saint Bonaventure — Junius Johnson
    • 伊斯兰背景下的拉丁居士虔诚:圣三阶团体的发展. Mary's of Mt. Sion in Mamluk Jerusalem — Jon Paul Heyne
    • 和你的邻居如同你自己:约翰·邓斯·斯科特斯道德心理学中的弹性自我
    • Fashioning the "Order of Saint Clare.“内里·达·里米尼照亮的规则:普林斯顿大学图书馆MS 83在语境中——弗朗西斯·安德鲁斯。, Louise Bourdua
    • Le prime quattro Collationes Parisienses sulle tracce di Giovanni Duns Scoto — Francesco Fiorentino
    • Visions of Damietta: St. Francis, Robert Grosseteste, and the Crusades, 1219-1253 — Rosamund Gammie
    • Innova dies nostros, sicut a principio托马斯·塞拉诺的《全球网赌十大网站》中的新奇与怀旧. Francis — Barbara Newman
    • The Center Blossoms, 第一部分:波纳旺蒂尔的《全球网赌十大网站》中道成肉身的话语的气体学果实-托马斯A. Piolata, OFM Cap.
    To order this edition or request a back issue, click here

    Franciscan Connections blog
    Franciscan Connections is an international Franciscan blog that connects, communicates, and conveys the best of Franciscan learning in the twenty-first century. Click here.


    Programs & conferences

    Institute seminars, 研讨会和会议,让人们参与与方济各会思想和神恩有关的历史和当代问题.

    Learn about upcoming offerings on our Programs & Conferences webpage.

    Holy Name Library

    Franciscan Institute Library


    Two scholars studying a centuries-old text该图书馆是位于圣路易斯市的弗里德萨姆纪念图书馆的特别馆藏之一. Bonaventure University, and includes more than 18,000 volumes, 110 current periodical subscriptions and 470 other periodical titles..

    In its coverage of the Franciscan movement, 这些藏品在北美和南美是独一无二的,只有少数欧洲图书馆可以与之媲美.

    The Franciscan Institute Library supports not only a teaching program, but also research by various scholars worldwide.

    The Holy Name Library for the Franciscan Institute (pictured above), which is attached to Friedsam Memorial Library, protects the university's collection of rare books, 被国家人文基金会描述为“对美国人文学术具有巨大价值的独特国家资产”." 

    It includes the most important collection of Franciscana in North America, more than 9,000本珍贵的书籍和手稿可以追溯到12世纪,其中包括著名修道院托马斯·默顿的开创性期刊, who taught English at St. Bonaventure in the early 1940s.

    Learn more at Franciscan Institute Library.

    Endowed support of the Franciscan Institute


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